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A Lo-Fi Journey into Heartland

Vozd In Traffic are a numerous band of friends who occasionally perform music together. Some of us are well- established and renowned musicians, having played for years in some of the most interesting underground jazz and rock bands of Bulgaria. Most of us, however, are happy and free-minded musical amateurs, unbound by rules and by the need to prove ourselves in the field. We believe that music is and must always remain the pure art it's always been to us, and it can never be created as a competition or as a means to overcome some personal weakness in society [how typical, eh:-) - who is not familiar with the dream of the ugly guitar player who thinks fame could buy him love?]. So, ars artis, as they say, and carpe diem.

We like to play whatever is on our minds and hearts. However, there have always been people asking, people who cannot feel safe unless you give them frames to stick to, that is - 'what style do you play in?'... well, the closest borders we can think of carry the labels dub, jazz, reggae, funk, and grunge, and maybe trash-jazz?:-) We make music mostly for our own fun, for the beauty of each moment, for the good vibe, for the fine feeling, for the daydreaming, and always as a shared experience with our faithful audience. The music we make is marked by infinite freedom of expressive means, improvisation, extreme use of the creative “now and loud” moment, silent moments of contemplation, the spiritual quest for the true, sincere, deep inner feeling of happiness and peace with oneself. Too grand, huh?:-)

El Traficantes:

Bisso Bisrat Moju [Ethiopia]: voice, dance, guns, magic
Vozd Ivan Terziev: keys, bass, voice, machines
Gigahertz Borislav Gigov: jembe, maracas
Samurai Peter Momchev: saxophones, smiling karate master
Dakata Deyan Dragiev: drums
Nasko Atanas Popov: drums, machines
Puykata Stoyan Pavlov: guitar
Pazzo Plamen: guitar
DJ Paragon Soul Yavor Vatchkov: DJ, voice, web design
Vlado: trumpet
Veneci/Queller4 Venci: jembe
Machine Rossen Dimitrov: drums
Diadia Dimitar Semov: drums, machines, musical producer
Pavleta Semova: voice
Bo4i Rositsa Itchova: voice
Ronio:Chovekut-Hlqb Sofroni Milev: drums , jembe, maracas
Tha Chap Ivan Ivanov: guitar, machines
Kolio Nikola Nikolov: acoustic and and electric guitars; studio master and sound engineer
Tosho Todor Tuparov: lights, management, logistics, transport, energy, production
Aglika Terzieva: artwork, graphic design, posters, cover art, animation video
Ani Bakardjieva: artwork, rasta hats
: PR and cause-'n'-effect
Bebo Bratan Bratanov: MC

Web Heartland:
www.vozdintraffic.com [this site]
www.urbanium.net/vozdintraffic [a mirror of this site]

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